Tourist Guide : a licensed profession

The graduate guides hold a professional card issued by the prefecture of the region. This card is the best guarantee for reliable skills and knowledge that you can expect from a Tour Guide.

The Tour Guides wear an official badge to be identified. You have the right to check your guide’s qualifications by asking him/her to show you his/her professional card or badge.

The Tour Guides can work either as salaried employees paid per tour or as self-employed workers. In this last case, the customer has to make sure that the guide has a “siret” number. This number allows him/her to be paid and to write up invoices.

There is a European Federation for Guides (F.E.G.) and a National Federation for Guides (F.N.G.I.) to which CO.G.I.TOUR. guides are members through the Corsican Regional Federation for Guides (F.R.C.G.I.).

These organizations make sure the rules and regulations are followed and defend the guides’ interests

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